TAO Of Badass Review – Is This Dating System A Scam?

TAO Of Badass Review - Is This Dating System A Scam?

TAO Of Badass Review – Is This Dating System A Scam?

Have you read a TAO of Badass Review yet?  I did and it made me excited to try this system. Dealing with women is not always the easiest task.  There are some guys who are pure naturals but the rest of us end up struggling.  I got tired of it to be honest.

I especially got sick of watching some of my biggest loser friends get women while I kept striking out.  It made me wonder: am I DOING something wrong?  I mean it makes sense, right?  If you were bowling and you kept throwing the ball in the gutter you’d eventually wonder if your technique was right.  Well, certainly the same thing applies with dating.

Anyways, I figured The TAO Of Badass System would be perfect for me.  It was created by Joshua Pellicer, a relationship expert.  Josh sounded a lot like me.  He used to struggle with the ladies quite a bit and was even willing to shame himself around them!  Women pick up on this kind of crap and they abused Josh, the same way they abused me.

So anyways I bought the system.  I have to admit it was a lot more in-depth than I had imagined.  Josh goes into all kinds of psychological information that I was unaware of.  I didn’t realize there were four pretty clearly defined steps in a relationship. That helped explain why I ended up being ‘FriendZoned’ so much.  I was always building ‘rapport’ with women, but I never spent any time building up attraction.  That was a bad move by me for sure.

That wasn’t the only mistake I was consistently making.  I learned a lot about the right way and wrong way to approach women.  Now my intention was not become a ‘Don Juan.’  I simply wanted to go on more dates.  So did it work?  For me it has worked out very well.  I was surprised at how much a few small changes could make.

So Does TAO Of Badass Really Work?

I have had a few ‘friends’ at work that I always wanted to get to know better.  I was never sure exactly how to bring up the idea of a romantic relationship.  Well, after I finished my training I suddenly had lots of ideas!  The bottom line is my new tricks worked half the time, which for me was great.  I ended up getting two dates out of four girls I asked out.  Even better, I started getting serious with the one women after a week or so.  Right now I’m proud to call her my ‘girlfriend.’

That’s all I was really looking for, so I definitely got what I wanted out of it.  If you’re interested in more casual encounters I think you’ll also love the course material.  There is a ton of info on exactly how to approach girls you think are interested and how to follow up with them.

Almost any guy will learn a few tricks which will further their cause with women.  Women and men don’t think the same, and it’s time we learned what the differences were.  TAO of Badass does a great job of teaching the basics and then getting into more advanced material.  Good luck and thanks for reading.

My IM With Jamie 3.0 Review Turned Out Well

My IM With Jamie 3.0 Review is a positive one. If you’ve purchased IM courses before, you know there are only two types of marketers selling them in the first place.  There are the ‘fast buck artists’ who don’t care about you.  And there are the genuine people who make great money helping others succeed.  Jamie Lewis is the second type and his course illustrates that.

Jamie Lewis Loves IM

Jamie Lewis Loves IM

Jamie Lewis has gotten rich selling products online.  He has made a ton of money as both a Clickbank Affiliate and a Clickbank Product Owner.  It’s from both of these perspectives that he teaches IM to others.  You’ll get an awful lot of insights from a guy who has achieved success that trying to pick up bits and pieces around the web.  Training courses are one way to ramp up your understanding of a subject.

That’s exactly what IM with Jamie 3.0 has done for me.  I was already an intermediate level marketer. I needed to learn ‘finer points’ about how to structure my sales funnel.  For me the cost of the course was paid off almost immediately because the insights I got helped me to make improvements which resulted in higher earnings.

The cost is worth it too.  Since you get so much personal attention there’s almost no reason for an intermediate IMer to avoid this product.  It can help take you to the next level.  This is especially true if you only have to ‘tweak’ a few things to make more cash using your current system.  If Jamie can help you do that, then purchasing the training is golden.

Webinars are a very good way to learn.  You can interact with Jamie and ask questions directly.  That’s what really makes this course stand out from others which expect you to just read all the info and go from there.

Don’t despair if you’re new either.  This courses offers plenty of hand holding to help even the newest members.

Almost anyone can learn new tricks that will help their income soar using IM with Jamie 3.0 training.  I recommend it for just about everyone.  It’s never been a better time to make money online than now.  If you build a solid foundation built on solid techniques, there’s no chance you can lose.

I hope you enjoyed my review.  Good luck with your efforts!



Easy SiteBuilder Helps You Build Websites Fast

I’ve been talking about servers in my last few posts.  But what about people who don’t have a bunch of websites and just don’t need anything like a dedicated server?  A lot of these people might be better off considering using an option like Easy Sitebuilder by MostHost.  This simple-to-use website editor helps you build websites in a straightforward manner.  Using a WYSIWYG format, users can manage their own websites.

I'm Working On My Uncle's New Website

I’m Working On My Uncle’s New Website

I’m not much of a web designer.  In the past I would generally use a convoluted system like using the Linux command line and a simple text editor!  You could tell that I was using these tools when you looked at the site.  I barely had any graphics and a whole lot of text.  Modern websites are really not built like that anymore.  Most users have come to expect all kinds of images and videos.  If they see a ‘wall of text’ they leave!  That’s why I decided I needed to use a simple sitebuilder.

I figured I would get the following benefits:

  • A better looking, more modern, and compliant web design.
  • A more interactive website with more features.

Drag And Drop Makes SiteBuilding Simple

It’s really pretty simple to drag and drop images, text, and videos into your website. When I wanted to add a YouTube video, all I had to do was drag in the module and add the link. Images are added by click Image and then upload. I mean this really is easy enough anyone can do it.  Not only that, but I couldn’t believe how fast you could have a basic site done.  I’m pretty fast when it comes to adding text, so being able to snap in the pictures and videos equally as quickly really helped reduce the time spent.  I don’t normally build websites for anyone, but I’m considering doing a job for my uncle because it’s so easy!

I have to admit I’ve come along way using this tool.  I used to think my sites were pretty okay, but some people would be highly critical of them.  I was always pretty defensive about it. Now I’m building better looking websites in less than 2o% of the time it used to take.  That’s good enough to keep me happy right now.

I’m also getting more into making videos.  It’s much easier for me to expound on a technical subject using video than writing it all out.  Then I can quickly create a page for the video or link directly to the video when I’m answering a question.  This is a big time saver over the way I used to do business!

Custom Built Servers Can Save You Time And Money

Almost everyone knows what a server does. It serves clients in the network. But do you need a server that has to do something special, that you will not come across in the market readily. If this is the case, then you will need a custom built server. In fact, research shows that in recent times, the demand for custom-built desktops and servers is actually on the rise in comparison to their branded competitors.

The gains made by the custom built servers have mostly been at the expense of HP, which by the way is still the market leader. While HP remained the leader with a market share of 34 percent, the position of the company still went down by as much as 10 percent. On the other hand, the figures reported by another major Dell actually rose. Another interesting find from the survey shows that as much as 37 percent of the solution providers felt that custom built desktops were actually their best sellers.

Build Your Own Servers For The Most Effective Results

But why this sudden rise in demand for custom built servers? Analysts feel that this has direct relevance to the growth of the economy and financial health of the IT sector. Historical data tends to agree with them. Companies would go for custom systems only when they have the financial strengths to increase their spending. And this can only happen when the industry is doing well. So this is good news for the economy.

So if your company is seeking customized solutions, you are not alone. Many others are thinking like you do and trying to arrange something that is just right for their unique situation.

There are 2 ways to get customized servers. The first way is naturally to seek help from a company and get something delivered that is customized. But there are those who will also modify your existing server to make it just right.  You could even build your own CounterStrike server if you wanted.

ShortStack? Micro Server – this type of server really blows my mind

By leveraging the existing 8, 16 or 32-bit micro controller and software inside a device and adding even less than 4K of additional code, Echelon’s ShortStack software enables manufacturers to add substantial new functionality to their products while preserving their development investments. This software enables standard devices to communicate effectively with other devices over the Internet and across LonWorks networks, which is the leading open standard for networking everyday devices.

There are many gains from this. Devices can become part of integrated systems while manufacturers can supplement remote diagnostics, standard maintenance, monitoring, and control.

Supermicro Server System – check these guys out for decent parts

Supermicro Computer, Inc., which is a leading manufacturer of high quality motherboard, chassis and server solutions, has tied up with Fujitsu to introduce the world?s first SAS server solutions. As a part of their joint venture, Fujitsu recently set up an impressive Supermicro server system running 15 Supermicro M28E1 storage mobile-racks that hosts 120 Fujitsu SAS hard drives under a single SAS controller.

Supermicro and Fujitsu have consistently led the industry in SAS product development. The venture reports that customers are already picking up on it and they look forward to growing acceptance and implementation in the market.

Supermicro is also known for its SAS-optimized solutions such as servers, server boards, chassis and storage mobile racks. The flagship Super X6DH3-G2 server board leverages the Intel E7520 chipset to support dual 64-bit Xeon processors running at up to 3.60GHz with 2MB of L3 cache. The X6DH3-G2 features 8 DIMM sockets for up to 16GB of ECC DDRII 400 memory and supports 8 SAS drives with RAID 0, 1. Other features include dual Gigabit LAN, 2 PCI-Express x8, 3 PCI-X-133/100, and one legacy PCI slot, as well as an IPMI 2.0 socket for server management.

What is a server?  Do you wonder?  Well this should explain it.

It is something that manages network resources and serves clients who are connected to it. In other words, it is a computer that is designated for supplying information in many forms, so that other computers can use it. Now there may be several requests from hundreds, even thousands of clients in a big network. And all requests are coming in at the same time. So it is not unlikely that the server gets over burdened and is thus unable to serve anyone properly. 2 things can happen in such a scenario. #1 – the responses to all actions of a client is delayed. And #2 – the server is unable to serve the client at all.

It is much like a busy street on peak hour. Everyone wanting to go at the same time and thus no one being able to do so. So what do the traffic department do? It diverts traffic to avoid snarl-ups. The same is the case with a busy server. It takes the help of a ‘load balancing web server’ to ease the flow.

So the goal of a load balancing web server is to distribute incoming requests among a bunch of web servers in order to increase response time and throughput.

Advantages of custom built load balancing servers:

  • It eliminates downtime by automatically redirecting traffic in the event of server failure or network congestion.
  • Improves website or application speed by distributing the load among multiple servers, maximizing reliability, responsiveness and throughput for a better customer experience..
  • The organization can easily expand to meet increased demand by adding servers, without having to change the necessary configuration or take the existing servers down for an upgrade..

There is a popular saying – “2 heads are always better than 1”. It is something like this. You are actually taking stock of the situation and leveraging the power of more to serve one, so that the network is able to function efficiently.

Something I Was Thinking About CounterStrike Server Rentals

Here are a few counter strike server rental options for you to try out. But do keep in mind that the prices do tend to go up and down from time to time. And also the offering change – some make special deals available to entice customers to subscribe. The competition is tough out there are so the providers are all eager to increase their customer base.

For the customer it is obviously good news as it has become a buyers market. But before making a final rental decision, you need to be careful as a customer. Always double check whether all your needs are being met also ensure that you are getting something extra – that is leverage the competition in the market to your advantage. So always check out a few offers and compare the offerings before closing the server rental deal.

Linux Budget Server

  • Type: Public 10 Player Clan Server
  • Services: AdminMod/Amx, StatsMe, Psychostats, Hlguard and Ssh/Ftp
  • Prices: $30/month. Free Setup

Linux Basic Server

  • Type: Public 15 Player Clan Server
  • Services: AdminMod/Amx, StatsMe, Psychostats, Hlguard and Ssh/Ftp
  • Prices: $50/month. The Setup is Free

Linux Hardcore Server

  • Type: Public 20 Player Clan Server
  • Services: AdminMod/Amx, StatsMe, Psychostats, Hlguard and Ssh/Ftp
  • Prices: $50/month. Free Setup

Linux Monster Server

  • Type: Public 32 Player Clan Server
  • Services: AdminMod/Amx, StatsMe, Psychostats, Hlguard and Ssh/Ftp
  • Prices: $125/month. Like the others, here too, there are no Setup charges

Basic Server

  • 12 Slots
  • $50 a month, $15 set-up fee.
  • Server badge.
  • International listing on Steam $2 extra
  • Script access through FTP
  • Dedicated IP and Port
  • Full RCON access
  • csX.4playgames.com server name
  • Limited online technical support via email or MSN messenger
  • Counter strike servers also include HL-GUARD as a standard
  • Bonus 15MB web hosting with access through FTP
  • Web hosting includes MYSQL database and PHP